Why choose PermaSeal?

PermaSeal is simply the best roofing system you can buy

  • it uses the latest in roofing technology
  • it consistently outperforms every other roofing system available
  • it offers lifetime strength and flexibility
  • it's aesthetically pleasing; a roof you won't have to hide
  • it utilizes the most fire-resistant material in the industry


PermaSeal is environmentally-friendly

  • no tar, chemicals or rocks
  • safe—no additional OSHA handling requirements
  • white reflective membrane eliminates “heat islands”
  • insulating, energy efficient, can help stabilize HVAC costs
  • clean, quick, efficient installation with minimal interference to building occupants

Flexible System

PermaSeal is flexible

  • compatible with a variety of roof types
  • adaptable to unique structural elements
  • flexible membrane conforms easily to both flat and curved surfaces
  • can be quickly and easily modified without loss of strength or integrity
  • only system capable of effectively adapting to structural and component changes made to a roof
  • designed to meet the needs of an ever-changing market


PermaSeal is cost-effective

  • exceptional lifetime protection for a lower lifetime cost
  • deflects UV rays, minimizing deterioration due to sun exposure, eliminating cracking and blistering
  • resistant to chemicals, grease, temperature extremes and even foot traffic
  • minimal maintenance requirements