Fulcrum Enterprises
Fulcrum Enterprises in Pewaukee, Wisconsin
New Construction
Pewaukee, Wisconsin

Many of our roofing systems are installed to correct existing problems. But Fulcrum Enterprises wanted to get it right from the start. They chose PermaSeal Roofing Systems when they built their new, six-story corporate office building. They had learned the importance of a quality roofing system after having problems in their former building.

The new pre-cast concrete structure has a 28,000 square foot metal roof deck. It also presented some unique structural elements. It incorporated an immense four-cornered concrete and steel wall to protect the HVAC units atop the structure. PermaSeal’s high strength, thermoplastic membrane was the perfect way to accommodate the multiple plane changes of this roof, without the moisture penetration problems which often come with this kind of architectural challenge.

Fulcrum was so impressed with the strength, flexibility and protection provided by their new PermaSeal roof that they even found some non-traditional applications for the product. They’re using it to cover the deck of the building’s executive balcony and also to line the large marble planters in the lobby. They got the right roof—and more!